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Ross Ivanov

Independent IT specialist in Auckland

Areas of Experience:
Networking, WiFi, VoIP, Linux, Security, HA Solutions, WEB hosting, SAN and NAS storages, Monitoring, SEO.
Information Technology is just a tool which should serve business needs helping save time and money, but often I saw situation when simple IT requirements grow into endless projects convincing business to work for IT when it supposes to work the opposite way.

If you are NOT an IT company selling services to others, then most likely you don't need expensive and overcomplicated solutions. My specialization is finding cost-effective solutions for the business and in most cases I able to stabilize infrastructure and fulfill the business requirements by repurposing and optimizing existing infrastructure.

Ross Ivanov
021 0326 754



  • Cable Management
  • Network - Design, Build and Diagnostics
  • Network Upgrade
  • VPN and Remote Access
  • Home office solutions
  • Solve Internet Connection problems

File Exchange and Shares

  • Cross-Office file excahnge
  • File Share Servers
  • File Sync Solutions
  • Remote access to file 
  • "Dropbox like" solutions

VoIP and Calls

  • VoIP servers (hosted, cloud, on-site)
  • VoIP over existing analog network 
  • Calls diversion
  • TOLL-FREE calls
  • FREE cross-office calls
  • VoIP Diagnostics and Support

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Monitoring of websites and services
  • Monitoring of office network
  • Monitoring of performance
  • Performance and availability reports
  • Messengers and email notifications
  • We can monitor almost anything, just ask for it.


  • On-site email server
  • Office 365 integration
  • $0 unlimited domain emails
  • Spam protection
  • Email servers diagnostics


  • Mobile and SEO friendly web sites
  • Boost business visibility
  • Website performance improvements 
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Backups and restore
  • Web site migration

Cloud Integration

  • AWS and Azure integration
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Load Balancing
  • High Availability design
  • Cloud Storage
  • Backups

In trouble?

  • Phones issue
  • Network is down
  • Slow performance of PC or Server
  • Web Site is not loading
  • Can't send or receive email
  • Any other issue? 

Why choose me:

  • FREE audit of IT infrastructure with no obligations;
  • In IT market from 2009;
  • Cost-effective solutions in alternative to overmarketed vendors;
  • You pay only if you are happy with the result.

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